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When you work with TS Property Management, you’re leveraging years of experience in the realty and management industry. Our commercial property management team is driven to help you succeed as a real estate investor by focusing on 3 key areas: maximizing valuation and NOI; calculating occupancy value, and adopting your goals.


Maximizing Valuation and NOI

One of the most important metrics in commercial real estate is NOI, or "net operating income" because it helps you assess the quality of your investment. TS Property Management understands that there are many other expenses associated with commercial property, such as management fees, maintenance, utilities, and property insurance.

Calculating Occupancy Value

For any commercial or residential property, real investment value is determined by occupancy. Because we specialize in both brokerage and management, we have a better understanding of which interest and satisfaction drivers will fill your units. We can help you generate marketing plans that will attract good, quality tenants with whom you can form long-term business relationships. 


Adopting Your Goals

At TS Property Management, we go above and beyond in service by making your goals our own. We will adopt your vision and develop individualized and strategic solutions to realize your goals. Our team of managers will use their asset expertise to leverage market intelligence, produce benchmarks, and build on your strengths as a property investor. We work with leasing agents, assist in back-end tasks, like accounting and reporting, and optimize expense forecasting.

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