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TS Property Management is experienced in commercial brokerage services for deals of all sizes. Our team solves problems creatively and can help you set investment goals, regardless of your chosen real estate market. Whether you need site selection, zoning approval, project management, or even help in tenant selection processes, TS Property Management is your ally in commercial brokerage services.


  • Economy of scale, creative finance, and total property valuation.

  • Multi-unit properties are often available with little to no money down through private money partners.

  • Loans for commercial properties tend to offer more flexibility and leniency.

  • You can use a combination of financing to diversify your investment for security.

  • You can potentially invest in many more units than with residential homes.

  • Large multi-unit commercial properties can be operated on site with limited staff. 

  • The NOI is greater on many commercial properties.


Office: TS Property Management has extensive experience in brokering office spaces, ranging from single suite offices to large multi-tenant properties. In addition to brokering, we offer management services in negotiating tenant leasing, representation, and sales. 


Retail: TS Property Management's local knowledge of markets, strong retail organization connections, and national resources have earned us a proven track record of successfully brokering complex retail space deals at all levels of representation.


Industrial: Our professional knowledge and experience in industrial real estate brokerage enables us to navigate rapidly changing technology and deal with other associated property needs, involving light assembly, manufacturing, and warehouses. We can handle anything from heavy industrial buildings to simple flex space.


Investment: Risk assessment is important in commercial property investment, especially in renovation and REO deals. If you're trying to resell a stable or underperforming property, TS Property Management can help you decide how to increase your property's income through renovation or other operational changes.  

Image by Wynand van Poortvliet
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