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TS Property Management uses innovative solutions and technology to compete in a rapidly changing residential real estate market. We keep extensive market data on recent sales in King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston Counties so we can provide up-to-date sales information to our clients. Our full-service approach to brokerage and long-standing relationships with financial institutions in the greater Puget Sound enable us to expedite real estate purchases and sale processes.



As a full-service residential brokerage service firm, TS Property Management doesn't stop at just carrying out the residential property sale. When you hire our firm, we take on the responsibility of researching your market to make the right recommendations for your investment. While real estate agents need to work with brokers to finalize residential property sales, we have the staff and experience to handle your needs in-house and eliminate the longer wait times before a residential sale is final.


Selling a residential property can be a long and difficult process. We have the expertise to match your residential property with the perfect buyer while selling it at the highest price, under your terms. We'll help you focus on your investment goals while managing the finer aspects of your sale at a low commission.


TS Property Management’s client-centered approach to brokerage means that we will be committed to helping you find the right residential property for you. We will find the real estate that meets your cost, needs, and specifications. We will assist in preparing an offer for the residential property, negotiate prices and terms on your behalf, and prepare the real estate purchase contract, necessary to complete the sale.

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