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TS Property Management comprehensive service includes marketing rental property, working directly with prospective and current tenants, collecting rent from various properties, handling repair and maintenance issues, and handling legal issues, such as evictions. We understand that every residential property is unique and we will work with you to determine your management needs.


TS Property Management’s full residential property management services includes:

  • Property evaluation: detailed documentation of interior/exterior of property; repair and renovation recommendations.

  • Comparable rental rate assessment: rental rate recommendation, based on report of rental rates of local, comparable properties.

  • Marketing rental properties: generate marketing plan to attract tenants.

  • Tenant selection and placement: verifying prospective tenant information; filling units; and removing problem tenants.

  • Rent collection: collecting rent; enforcing late fees; and sending other financial notices when necessary.

  • Assisting with financial and legal matters: help owners with tenant disputes; maintain accounting records; and navigate complex legal properties, such as HUD buildings.

  • Repair and maintenance: assigning jobs or using a network of contractors to handle any potential repair before it becomes an emergency. 

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb
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